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Valentine's Guest House

Valentine's Guest House

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When a tiger comes to stay at Valentine's guest house, the human visitors all check out in a rush. Luckily, the hotel soon starts to fill again - but with a very different collection of residents, all with new and differing needs. Elsie and Valentine make lots of changes to accommodate the new guests, and a very popular, accessible and unusual guest house results! A beautiful debut picture book about diversity, inclusivity and empowerment.

Why we love this book:
This charming story is a great introduction to understanding the social model of disability, which you can read more about here. 

Kids will love seeing how Valentine's guest house changes to accommodate the needs of each guest. And perhaps all these changes will be better and more fun for everyone? After reading the book, you can start a conversation about all the different ways you can help make places more accessible to everyone, or if the humans were right to react the way they did when they first saw the tiger (which could also be a metaphor for racism). With so much to talk about and loads of gorgeous illustration, this story is sure to be one your kids will come back to again and again

About the author:
Inspired by her work as an architectural illustrator, Sam Sharland likes to create buildings and places that have as much personality as the characters that inhabit them. A love for both painting and storytelling led Sam to study an MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, from which "Valentine's Guest House" was born. Her favourite place to draw is outside surrounded by fascinating people and crumbly old buildings. Otherwise, you will find her in her studio, pen in hand, and cat on lap. In her spare time, Sam likes to play golf, read, and cook, and firmly believes buying recipe books is a hobby in its own right.

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