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A girl considers her future while she people-watches at her local outdoor pool. Choices, both insignificant and life-changing, are all around us. Whether we want to make a splash or just dip our toes into new experiences, there's always a decision involved.


Why we love this book:

Full of bright and inclusive illustrations, this book is a fantastic starting point for discussions. With text that is both profound and humorous, Choices encourages readers to value the power behind their thoughts and actions, and to always follow their heart.


About the author:

Dutch illustrator Roozeboos, or Anne Roos Kleiss as you might know her in daily life, tries to look at the world with a childlike curiosity – something that is reflected in her artist name, which was her nickname as a kid. Her work is playful, filled with colour, and tells stories even through its smallest details. She loves to capture the world around her in her sketchbook and this brings her inspiration from unexpected places. 

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