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Can I Play?

Can I Play?

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George the dog loves living alone on his island. He likes to do everything his own way, and friends would just ruin things.

But one day a cheerful little seal wiggles up to him. Her name is Pebble, and she’s determined to be George’s friend, whether he likes it or not.

Why we love this book:

This charming story shows the difficulty of friendship, especially when you have different ways you like to do things. Being able to make compromises is a vital part of emotional intelligence, allowing a child to explain what is important to them while also considering the needs of others. You can use this lovely story as a starting point to talk to your child about things they might make compromises on while they’re playing with friends (such as sharing or deciding what to do) or in other situations.

About the author:

Nicola Kinnear is a children's book author and illustrator based in London. She gravitates towards the magical and whimsical in her work and is greatly inspired by nature and folklore.

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