Share the love this February

Share the love this February

This month, we’re celebrating love of all types with the book Love Grows Everywhere. This gentle, rhyming text is fantastic to share with your family, and shows the many ways we can love each other.

February is known for Valentine’s Day, so there are lots of ads about love this time of year. The holiday takes its name from Saint Valentine, who was a priest during the 3rd Century in Rome when Christians were being persecuted. While there are many stories that try to explain how his name became associated with a day of love (such as marrying couples in secret), it could simply be said that he was someone who cared for and tried to help others – and what could be more loving than that?


Love Grows Everywhere gives that vital message about how love can be shown through our acts of kindness and requires regular care to flourish. It emphasises how one of the best ways to show our love is to spend meaningful time together. Maybe we’re a little biased, but we think the ideal way to do this is to share a story! Even from the earliest age, reading a story to your child is a fantastic way to bond with them and build strong family ties.

Every time you read a book with your child, you create an opportunity to have a discussion. Sometimes it can be silly, but other times it can be meaningful, establishing a relationship of trust with your child so that they feel more comfortable talking to you about difficult topics and feelings.

 Even positive feelings like love can feel difficult to talk about sometimes. While more gender stereotypes are being challenged now, it’s long been assumed that boys shouldn’t be as emotional as girls. But we know that all children have emotions that need to be expressed and acknowledged in order for them to build good mental health, and love is no different.

Reading a book all about love can help you say the things you don’t always say in real life, or to talk about what love means to you. Not everyone will find it as easy to express their love as others, but books can help you do that in a way that may be more comfortable. 

It’s important to remember that are many different kinds of love, too. So often the love that we’re exposed to through film and TV is romantic love, which is why it’s important to see love expressed in other relationships. The way we love our family may be different to how we love our friends, but both are significant in our lives.

Love Grows Everywhere shows these different relationships and how not all love needs to look the same, but the actions that support it all have care and kindness at their core. We can’t wait for you to follow this family who care so much for each other and their community that love grows everywhere they go. And for this month only, you’ll get 30% off automatically because we want to share that love, too.

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