Picture books that celebrate all families

Picture books that celebrate all families

There are so many ways to be a family, and no family will look the same. Which is why we’re thrilled that so many children’s books are stepping away from the nuclear family and heteronormativity to celebrate the LGBT+ community. After all, family is more about love than biology. So we’ve rounded up some of our favourite books about families. They’re perfect for any family to read together, whether it’s spotting your own family setup or learning about others.


Book cover of We Are Family, which shows different animals such as a whale, giraffe and penguins on a colourful background.

We Are Family by Lucy Reynolds and Jenna Herman – A fun look at all the different family types in the animal kingdom and the many ways young animals grow up.


Book cover of All the Families in My Town, which shows a girl whose hair turns into an illustration of her town.

All the Families in My Town by Ophélie Célier, Thomas Piet, and Ariane Caldin; translated by Robin Bright – Aria’s tiny village might only have nine houses, but no single one is alike! There’s always something that makes a family special…


Book cover of The Pirate Mums, which shows a porthole with a young boy in the centre, and his two mums behind him wearing pirate hats.

The Pirate Mums by Jodie Lancet-Grant and Lydia Corry – A swashbuckling fun book where a boy is totally embarrassed that his mums are pirates.


Book cover of Early One Morning, which shows a boy and cat looking directly out from the cover. Book cover of Early One Morning, which shows a girl and dog looking directly out from the cover.

Bedtime, not Playtime! and Early One Morning by Lawrence Schimel and Elīna Brasliņa – These wonderful little board books with rhyming text show one family’s evening and another family’s morning.


Book cover of Love Makes a Family, which shows different families such as two dads and a child, two mums and a child, a grandparent with a child, and a mum and dad with a child. It is surrounded by a pattern of rainbows and other colourful shapes.

Love Makes a Family by Sophie Beer – A simple board book with vibrant illustrations showing different families demonstrating what love truly is.


Book cover of Julian at the Wedding, which shows two children in colourful clothing, one wearing a dress and the other in a purple suit who is wearing a flower crown and cape.

Julian at the Wedding by Jessica Love – A gorgeously illustrated book with minimal text but lots of celebration, inclusion, and love.


Book cover of My Magic Family, which shows several families sitting together, including a family with two mums, two dads, single parent, mum and dad, and couples of different race.

My Magic Family by Lotte Jeffs and Sharon Davey  A rhyming text where a child shares about her magic family, and discovers the magic of all her friends’ families too.


Book cover of All About Families, which shows over a dozen different families from same-sex to hetero couples, single parents, multi-generational households, and people with disabilities.

All About Families by Felicity Brooks and Mar Ferrero – A factual look at families – who they are, where they live, what backgrounds they have.

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