Fantastic picture books about friendship

Fantastic picture books about friendship

Friendships are fun and exciting, but sometimes they’re downright difficult. Thankfully there are loads of fantastic books exploring friendship to help young children learn how there’s so much more to being friends than meets the eye. Here are a few of our favourites.


Book Cover of Simon Sock by Sue Hendra, Paul Linnet and Nick East. It's a bright yellow cover with "Simon Sock" in colourful letters and an image of a blue and purple striped socks with eyes, arms and legs.

Simon Sock by Sue Hendra, Paul Linnet and Nick East – Simon is a single sock, so he sets out to find his missing match. A brilliant story of how friendship isn’t always what you expect it to be.


Book cover of Want to Play Trucks? by Ann Stott and Bob Graham. It shows two children on a playground, one playing with trucks and the other playing with dolls, and they are showing their toys to each other. In the background are trees with orange leaves.

Want to Play Trucks? By Ann Stott and Bob Graham – Two children on a playground want to play different games. Which will win – trucks or dolls? A sweet and inclusive story about compromise.


Book cover of I Love You (Nearly Always) by Anna Llenas. It has two human-like bugs sitting on a red sofa, holding hands while looking at each other smiling.

I Love You (Nearly Always) by Anna Llenas – Rory and Rita couldn’t be more different, but that is what they like so much about each other. Until one day their differences start to get annoying.


Book cover of A Duck Called Brian by Al Murphy, which is full of yellow ducks with orange beaks, and one blue duck peeping out from them.

A Duck Called Brian by Al Murphy – Brian is content so long as he has his milk, cereal and best friend Gregory. But he’s missing all three! Join Brian on his hilarious search for his best friend.


Book cover of Sunday Rain by Rosie J. Pova and Amirah Rauscher. It shows two children, one is bent over playing in a puddle, while another, dressed as a princess, holds an umbrella over them.

Sunday Rain by Rosie J. Pova and Amirah Rauscher – Elliott spends his days reading books at home. But when it rains and all the local children go outside to play in the puddles, Elliott learns adventures can take place in real life too.


Book cover of Cyril and Pat by Emily Gravett. A grey squirrel hanging from a tree is looking down and smiling at a grey rat, who is sitting in a takeaway container of spaghetti.

Cyril and Pat by Emily Gravett – Cyril is the only squirrel in the park, until he meets Pat, who looks like a squirrel. But why do all the other animals have a problem with him?


Book cover of We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen. It is a peach background, shaded to look like dusk, and two turtles are standing with a hat in between them.

We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen – When two turtles find one hat that they both want, it’s a dilemma. How will the friends choose who gets it?


Book cover of Duck and Penguin are Not Friends by Julia Woolf. Two stuffed toys - a duck and a penguin - are both looking at each other with angry faces and wings on their hips.

Duck and Penguin are NOT Friends by Julia Woolf – Betty and Maud are best friends, so it only makes sense that their stuffed toys will be too. Except they’re not. Not. At. All.

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