Brilliant Birthday Books

Brilliant Birthday Books

Who doesn’t love a good birthday celebration? And those of you with toddlers might know at a certain age they start to become obsessed with birthdays. Every toy will have a day to celebrate their birthday, sometimes more than once. Then there are all the questions about when their birthday is and what they’ll get to do…

So we’ve put together this list of books that are perfect for sharing that birthday fun at any time of the year. It’s up to you whether or not you want to break out the birthday hats to wear as you read them. 

  Book cover of Cake. It shows a cartoon birthday cake sitting on a table looking excited.

Cake by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnett – Cake is very excited to be invited to a birthday party. He’s never been to one before and doesn’t know what to expect, but pretty soon he starts to worry that this isn’t going to be a very fun party for him… Icing? And candles as a hat? Kids will be howling with laughter as they realise what’s happening long before poor Cake does.


Book cover of When's My Birthday. A young black girl is wearing a birthday hat.

When’s My Birthday? by Julie Fogliano and Christian Robinson – Need a book all about the excitement of anticipating birthdays and full of every question a child might ask? Then this is the one for you. Uniquely shaped book and wonderfully diverse with gorgeous illustrations, the poetic text goes through all the questions a child will ask as they look forward to their birthday.


Book cover of Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish. A Bear is holding out a birthday cake to a giraffe. Behind the bear is a penguin. They are all wearing birthday hats and there is confetti falling around them.

Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish by Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld – Did you know there are rules to making a birthday wish? It’s important to get them right. This book will help you learn all the rules of wishing, both necessary and humorous. And while the book is funny, it can also help young children prepare for that moment when they’re suddenly overwhelmed by a cake full of candles.


Book cover of Eat the Cake. An assortment of colourful characters are all leaning in from the sides of the cover and blowing trumpets around the title, which is in the centre. Eat the Cake by M.H. Clark and Jana Glatt – Looking for a joyful rhyming romp filled with good wishes for the birthday child? Less of a story and more of a celebration of birthdays and being true to yourself, the text of this book encourages children to believe in themselves and be confident. It’s set alongside colourful abstract illustrations, making this book just as worthy as a beautiful present.  


Book cover of The Best Birthday Present Ever. A bear sits in the centre surrounded by other animals all holding balloons. The bear is looking at a squirrel who is holding out a gift.

The Best Birthday Present Ever! by Ben Mantle – We all know someone who is impossible to buy for. And in this book, that’s Bear. Squirrel wants to give Bear the best present ever, but Bear already seems to have everything! Full of gorgeous illustrations, this book shares the message of how it’s the love behind a gift that truly matters.


Book cover of Boa's Bad Birthday. A snake is wrapped around a branch of a tree, wearing a party hat and looking upset. It has also swallowed a few oddly shaped items, which can be seen along its length. Boa’s Bad Birthday by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross – Not all birthdays can go to plan, as Boa discovers when all his friends bring him presents he can’t use. Boa soon realises that the gifts are more a reflection of his friends’ interests that they want to share with him, even if the gifts aren’t quite right. A great book to help children understand thankfulness as well as thoughtful gifting, and you could also have a discussion about making sure a gift is accessible to someone, too!

 Book cover of Prince of Pants. A child wearing a crown is holding up a large pair of red underwear with yellow stars on it.

The Prince of Pants by Alan MacDonald and Sarah McIntyre – Prince Pip can’t wait to choose which pair of pants (underwear) he’ll wear on his special day, but all his pants have gone missing! There’s a lot of pant-astic humour in this book (sorry!) as Prince Pip tries to track down all his missing pants. This is the perfect birthday celebration book for those who like a bit of potty humour.

 Book cover of A Piece of Cake. Several animals are standing around a tree looking at a slice of cake held up by a mouse and bird.

A Piece of Cake by LeUyen Pham – Mouse has baked a wonderful birthday cake, but as he tries to deliver it to his friend, everyone seems to want a piece! They offer something else in return for a slice, but soon mouse has no cake and just lots of random objects… oh dear! Thankfully birthday friend Little Bird knows just what to do with them. Try to get your kids to guess what happens next – they’re sure to be surprised!


We hope this list helps fuel your child's birthday fun, whether they're celebrating in a few days or a few months.

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